Michiel Kersteman | Industrial Design Portfolio

Industrial design Engineer

designing for the socially relevant,
unpronounced problems of the modern world

socialize the workfloor through
playful information searching


socialize the workfloor through playful information searching

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What can we do to make the working space more lively, playful and interactive? One of the biggest problems to be encountered in an open working space is the search for information and experts. The Skillfinder helps you to find these experts within a space in a playful manner. It is a dowsing tool that reduces the threshold for information sharing and stimulates the social community. With a hot-cold game the Skillfinder rod will guide you to the person with this expertise.

giving heartpatients sensible reassurance

Philips Heartlink

giving heartpatients sensible reassurance

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Heartlink is the result of an explorative study as part of a student collaboration program with Philips. When people get to hear they have a chronic disease they are most afraid on the impact it will have on their lifestyle. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is not easy and often not even desired. The quality of life is more important than living long, so people are reluctant in changing their bad habits. It helps CVD patients in adapting to their own lifestyle in a reassuring way.

a dynamic parking system to
enhance space distribution


a dynamic parking system to enhance space distribution

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Many residential areas around city centers suffer from parking problems because they provide free parking space on walking distance from the city centre. Commuters (non residents) are keen in occupying these spots and walk to work. With Vendopark these ‘outsiders’ are distributed over the district more efficiently by making use of empty spaces in other areas, without troubling the local residents.